Peppermint Chocolate Cake.

With the official 12 days until Christmas upon us and with some inspiration of my favorite thing…CAKE! Today for my continued Blogmas I baked up this delicious Chocolate cake filled with peppermint buttercream and ganache, oh and of course crushed candy canes.

Now with baking really starting to be my main interest these days or obsession…that’s up for discussion. I mean literally I either spend my days looking at new recipes, watching decorating videos, or figuring out a way to convince my husband I need to go to the grocery store for more baking supplies! With my insane charm or my hubby being a sucker for my baked goodies; I was able to spend my morning creating this cake.

I have some issues with cakes because I am still not very good at getting them perfect and by that I mean the perfect level, round, smooth appearance. But I find each time I make one I tend to be a bit more improved than the last.

Now for this cake I was inspired by my current obsession of peppermint bark. Plus, I wanted to try a few new techniques I hadn’t used before, like ganache. I have been watching tons of videos people, I was feeling like I would be the next Champion home baker trying to make ganache! LOL 😊

I made a box chocolate cake split into two 9inch pans, baked and cooled. While my cakes were cooling I made a homemade peppermint buttercream. Yum! Then I started on my ganache which was so much easier than anticipated and I totally urge everyone to make a batch to really wow friends and family.

Peppermint Buttercream Recipe:

1 cup of softened salted butter

5 cups of powdered sugar

2 tablespoons of peppermint extract

2 teaspoons of milk


In a large mixing bowl, whisk together butter until fluffy. (I use a hand held mixer) Then add one cup at a time of the powdered sugar, making sure to scrape the edges to get it all mixed in. Once all powdered sugar added, mix in the milk and peppermint extract and continue to mix until well blended.

Cover the buttercream and place in refrigerator until ready to ice the cake.

This buttercream was delicious and light not over powering with peppermint. Needless to say perfect for this time of the year.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe:

1 cup of heavy cream

2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips


In a medium sized pot heat the heavy cream until boiling. In a separate bowl place the 2 cups of chocolate chips inside and pour the heavy cream over the chocolate once done boiling. Let the mixture set for about 10 minutes, then whisk together until the chocolate is creamy and smooth.

I was so proud of how it turned out for my first time of making it and it was the perfect consistency for the cakes filling.

After my cake was chilled I lined the middle with the peppermint buttercream to keep the ganache from dripping out. Then I crushed a few candy canes and poured over the ganache for a crunchy texture.

I was originally going to do a drip on my cake but, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I marbled it with my crumb coat. I actually like the way it looked and used the remaining buttercream to decorate the top of the cake. Finished it with more candy canes, for this super cute Christmas inspired chocolate cake.

I hope you like my Chocolate Peppermint Cake!



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