About Crystal’s Corner

Hi Friends my name is Crystal, welcome to my blog.

My beautiful family.
Welcome to Crystal’s Corner! I hope you enjoy my blog and stick around to have some fun. @crystalscrazycorner

I am a mommy to an amazing little boy Koda. Married to my life partner Melvin. We live in Northern Nevada in a small town, currently running the family business of a small motel. Now a days we can be considered small town folks and we don’t mind!

We moved our little family from the busy Las Vegas lifestyle to our new small town and still learning to adjust to living in a town with a population of roughly 5k.

We like to think our family is pretty fun or crazy depending on who you ask. Lovers of food, faith, travel, and each other!  I hope to be able to share my daily life experiences, memories, failures, as well as triumphs.

Considering myself a huge hobby enthusiast’s so stick around and I might have you learning to bake, scrapbook, take photos, which ever peaks my interests enough for the moment!

Stay tuned to hear more about our little family and how I do life. Don’t be shy to hit that follow button to keep connected!

Thank you for reading! 😊


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